St. Annes Crossing


Chris Barrett


Chris Barrett was destined to be a winemaker.  Growing up in Sonoma County, he loved helping his father make wine in the family garage. That experience ignited a passion for wine that has steadily grown over the years along with his expertise in making wine. With multiple 90+ point ratings and five Sonoma County Harvest Fair Sweepstakes awards, Chris is one of California’s top winemakers.

He loves making wine for St. Anne’s Crossing because of the extraordinary vineyards that are sourced from and the exceptional quality and flavor of the grapes. His joy is the constant challenge of producing creative and vibrant wines while taking his cues from the grapes.  “I know it’s cliché” he says, “but great wines really do start in the vineyard. You can’t make a great wine out of poor quality grapes.”  Barrett subscribes to the traditional approach which honors the wisdom and timing of the fruit by not interfering with the natural process. 

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