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Ken & Diane Wilson

Ken and Diane Wilson purchased the old Blackstone Winery (formerly the original St. Francis Winery) property in 2012 from Constellation Wines.  They envisioned creating a destination winery in Sonoma Valley that focused on a varietal popular in Sonoma County: Zinfandel.  Their affinity for Sonoma County is reflected in their vineyards practices—a commitment to  stewardship and sustainable farming throughout Dry Creek, Alexander, and Russian River Valleys.  These vineyards provide the superb quality fruit that has brought notable recognition to the Wilson Artisan Wineries.

Diane, a native Californian, enjoys her high-energy lifestyle that includes making wine at Wilson, deLorimier, Matrix, and Soda Rock and taking an active role in the community. 

Ken, born and raised in Ontario, Canada, is passionate about his vineyards, wineries, and the creation of absolutely delicious approachable wines.

Ken and Diane have three children—Sydney, Victoria (Tori), and Sawyer.  They also created the Children of Vineyard Workers Scholarship in 2001, a unique program to assist the children of vineyard workers in their pursuit of higher education.  

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